Adeunis, a showcase for French know-how, will present its solutions and cutting-edge technologies for connected buildings and sustainable cities on the French pavilion.
Adeunis has been chosen to represent France at the Dubai World Expo alongside the French Fab and Business France, during the fortnight “Thinking smart cities and sustainable territories of tomorrow”. It is an honour to have the opportunity to take part in this innovative ecosystem in order to think together about the cities of tomorrow and to contribute to the promotion of French excellence.


By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. By 2030, the planet will have 43 giant cities with more than 10 million inhabitants each. Rethinking the city to cope with this growing urbanisation is a major challenge: overpopulation, climate change, environmental quality, access to energy… The issues are numerous.


“Connecting minds, building the future”

The Dubai World Expo will be held from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the theme “Connecting Minds, Building the Future” and with 3 sub-themes: sustainability, opportunity and mobility.

A unique edition as never before have so many countries been brought together to try to respond and find solutions to global problems together. For six months, all the countries of the world will be gathered to reflect, collaborate and find concrete and sustainable solutions in order to build the post-crisis world together.

This World Expo is an opportunity to ask ourselves collectively what kind of future we expect, what kind of solidarity we want, what technologies and resources we are mobilising, but above all what concrete changes we are ready to implement. Energy, environment, mobility, health, well-being at work, development of sustainable infrastructures, digital education and gender equality are some of the challenges that the participants of the Dubai World Expo will address.


The French Pavilion at the World Expo will be an unforgettable showcase for French excellence and know-how.


Adeunis, partner of the French Pavilion


Adeunis is proud to exhibit its know-how on the French Pavilion in order to contribute to the development of solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, and to improve indoor air quality for the comfort of users.

It is a privilege to participate in the development of the French innovative ecosystem by presenting our solutions,” said Frank FISCHER, Adeunis CEO.

Adeunis will be featured in a video clip on the French Pavilion website, in the press kit and on the big screen in the BtoB area of the pavilion from 29 October to 11 November 2021.


The aim of the French Pavilion is to demonstrate France’s commitment to building a sustainable society for tomorrow through political, economic, cultural and social initiatives and actions. And thus defend a new vision of responsible progress.

At the service of French companies and all those who innovate, the French Pavilion will be a concrete tool and a platform to accelerate the international development of the French offer, in particular in Asia, the Middle East, etc.


The players of the French Fab

Initiated in 2017 and collectively supported by the Alliance Industrie du Futur, Bpifrance, Business France, France Industrie, the DGE and the Regions of France, the players of the French Fab, committed to an ecological performance approach and concerned about the common good, are working to renew the industrial fabric, revitalise territories, make industrial professions more attractive and promote French industrial excellence, in France and around the world.