Alerts and events

Optimize your production and maintenance

adeunis® solutions and products alert you to events that disrupt your production or maintenance. In this way, you are alerted when power is cut, equipment malfunctions, or machine failure.


Examples of applications


Changes in temperature

Case study : Temperature measurement

adeunis® products and solutions allow you to measure the temperature of the various locations in your plant or building. Consequently, you can monitor the temperature and guarantee the good performance of your refrigeration chain.


Optimization of plant equipment

Case study : Alert malfunction

adeunis® offerings allow you to be alerted to any malfunctions of your devices. Our experience has enabled us to deploy our solutions in wastewater treatment plants, isolated areas, nuclear power plants, and ski lifts. As a result, our customers have been alerted to disruptions to their equipment items and have been able to guarantee better performance in their production and service management.



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