Decision-making Tool

Monitor and analyze use of your hardware

Thanks to the adeunis® products and solutions, you have the opportunity to be able to monitor use of your equipment: machines, equipment, appliances etc., as well as to carry out an analysis and then be able to implement the most suitable preventive maintenance solutions.

You will then be able to optimize the renewal of your production and service facilities, such as improving rounds or interventions, collecting tanks, containers, etc.


Examples of applications



Optimization of tours

Case study : Follow-up use of compactors | Optimization of tours

Managing a fleet of compactors spread over different customer sites all more or less distant from each other, can be difficult. The solution developed by adeunis® responds to these challenges in order to optimize the tours, intervening at the right time to ensure a better service.>>>

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Optimization of maintenance operations

Case study : Monitoring of real-time product status

Using adeunis® solutions, you are now able to offer your customers a new service that includes on-site interventions right at the moment, rather than at intervals. adeunis® will assist you with developing a new service that improves your customer's level of satisfaction. Consequently, you will optimize the organization of your resources in-house and maintain greater control over your costs related to these new services offered.


Tracking equipment filling

Case study : Measuring tanks continuously

adeunis® solutions enable you to measure the continuous filling level for various equipment items such as tanks. This monitoring also enables preventive maintenance to be carried out by optimizing maintenance rounds. adeunis® offerings thereby constitute a real decision-making tool, since they will enable you to optimize your processes and services.




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