Equipment management and remote control

Manage your equipment and manage your resources

The adeunis® solution enables you to be alerted in real time and to monitor your processes. You can operate or shut down a remote equipment item or service, such as power supplies, valves, etc.

Our solutions enable you to identify leaks, losses or production losses and thereby ensure control of them.

You ensure optimized continuous operation and thus increase your profitability.


Examples of applications


Machine fault detection and triggering actions

Case study : Boiler monitoring

adeunis® solutions detect when a boiler in a building or in an industrial building is switched off, thereby enabling it to be switched on remotely in order to ensure the quality of the process and/or of the industrial service.

Case study : Remote control of wastewater treatment plant pumps

The various adeunis® offerings have already shown their efficiency and performance at wastewater treatment plants. Indeed, adeunis® solutions make it possible to monitor and control the proper functioning of the pumps of these plants. When one of them breaks down, then adeunis® solutions ensure the start-up of another pump, enabling control of the equipment to be managed remotely, thereby making it possible to optimize the various existing processes.




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