Industrial Performance

Guarantee the operation of your production and the services provided

adeunis® assists you with the management and operation of your industrial plant, thus ensuring more flexible, long-term, and secure productivity.

Our solutions can, for example, guarantee you monitoring of the consumption of a machine, the temperature of a room, or an alert in the event of access to prohibited areas.


Examples of applications


Control of energy consumption

Case study : Study of the consumption of an equipment item

adeunis® solutions allow you to monitor the consumption of your equipment items and thus detect whether or not they have malfunctions. Using adeunis® products, you can activate feedback about faults or excess consumption which will allow you to be alerted during unusual events and thereby increase your industrial performance.


Feedback about changes in temperature

Case study : Temperature measurement

adeunis® products and solutions allow you to measure the temperature of the various locations in your plant or building. Consequently, you can monitor the temperature and guarantee the good performance of your refrigeration chain.




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