Our teams have been designing wireless systems and solutions for 20 years, connected to IoT networks.

They enable you to meet your own challenges and those of your customers: optimising the management of your buildings, reducing energy consumption in your buildings, improving maintenance operations and enhancing comfort in your buildings.

Your satisfaction, as well as that of your customers, is our satisfaction.


Smart Building

Make your buildings smart

Adeunis offers you customized solutions in the Smart Building sector, in order to optimize the energy performance of your buildings, to remotely supervise the proper functioning of your equipment (boilers, solar panels, ventilation systems…), to anticipate their maintenance or to improve the comfort and quality of life of users.

Smart Industry

Connect your industrial infrastructures

Adeunis connected IoT solutions enable you to optimise the operation of your industrial buildings. With Adeunis sensors you can: optimise your energy consumption, meet regulatory obligations, optimise maintenance operations… The possibilities are endless for increasingly intelligent industrial buildings. 

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Smart City

Make your city more attractive

A Smart City is made up of several elements, many of them buildings. By optimising the operation and energy performance of these buildings and infrastructures, you can help to make your city smarter.

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