In addition to its products, adeunis® supports you with setting up your IoT solution. We put together a full response for you depending on your needs.

In order to offer you the most suitable solution, we have chosen to remain open and avoid any preference towards existing connectivity solutions. We are experts in LPWAN networks, whether private or public: LoRaWAN, Sigfox, WMBUS. All our products are developed by our R&D teams and are available in each of these technologies.


Available subscription offers

Thanks to our experience, we were able to note that management of your subscription was a real advantage for you, so that you can stay focused on your core business.

We suggest to you that you assess the type of subscription that best suits you, as well as to ensure its implementation and management. Whether you want to use a public network or set up a private network, we will be able to point you to the subscription offer that best matches your expectations.

Our professionalism, our knowledge and our skills have enabled us to build genuine relationships with the various entities behind the private and public networks on the market offering various subscription offers, and thus proving to be real partners for adeunis®.


KARE: adeunis® Device Management platform

We offer a device management service that is featured as part of our related service offering, allowing you to implement a global IoT solution.

Thanks to this, we can ensure the following for you:

  • Feedback in the form of product information reports,
  • The management of your fleet,
  • Preventive maintenance of your devices,
  • Storage of the data.

Access all information here.

Adeunis® IoT Configurator: Configuration Application

The IoT Configurator gives you a user-friendly interface for setting up your adeunis® products.

This application is available in Android and PC Windows, it connects through the micro-USB interface now present across the range of adeunis® transmitters. Configure your products quickly and intuitively using simple forms (drop-down menus, checkboxes, text fields…).

The IoT Configurator automatically recognizes the connected product and is continuously enriched with news. It also offers the possibility to export an application configuration to be able to duplicate it on your other products in a few clicks.


Compatible with Windows 10 only and Android 5.0.0 Minimum.


  IoT Web App by adeunis®

The adeunis® IoT Web App interface allows the visualization of your adeunis® product information without development from your part.
For an added product, you can check the proper transmission of frames and the associated quality but also view the decoded data through tables, charts or graphs.
It also allows  you to export the raw data and to set up an e-mail alert which will warn you as soon as a new frame of your product arrives.

Click here to access to IoT Web App by adeunis®.

Software offer

Do your needs prompt you to want to have your processed data at your disposal?

The adeunis® connectivity offer includes the possibility of developing a customized application on demand, which will allow you to analyze the raw data.