Logo Adeunis

adeunis®, your partner in capturing, transmitting and providing secured data

adeunis® provides connected devices and wireless solutions. Thanks to our solutions, we offer a complete chain of data transfer, from transceiver to your application.

Make, Connect, Support“: from manufacturing of connected devices, up to the provision of transmitted data, to the integration of connectivity, adeunis® provides the complete necessary infrastructure for the implementation of intelligent communication systems

Dedicated to the IoT BtoB markets, adeunis® focuses its activities on Building Management and Processes and Services Optimization.

Whether you want to improve the management of your building, monitor your energy consumption, detect a tank level, be alerted of an equipment failure …, our solutions adapt to all your projects.

To offer you the most suitable solution for your needs, we have made the choice to remain open and totally agnostic to the existing connectivity solutions. We are experts in LPWAN networks, private or public: LoRaWAN, Sigfox, WMBUS, all our products are developed by our R&D teams in each of those technologies.

adeunis® solutions offer a complete support before the start of your project to choose your most suitable solution.

We provide and deploy with you, all the means to implement your project.

adeunis® also follows and monitors the proper functioning of the infrastructure in place.

If adeunis® has chosen to position itself as a global solution partner, it is to allow you, to concentrate only on your core business and to bring you solutions that facilitate your daily tasks.