Configuration: guaranteed ease, speed and reliability

Revolutionise the configuration of your IoT sensors with NFC configuration

With this user-friendly application, you can configure your sensors quickly and easily directly from your smartphone using NFC technology.

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Simplified configuration of your sensors

Easily configure your sensors to your specific needs. Define server, network and application parameters such as detection thresholds, data collection intervals and communication modes in just a few clicks.

Quick Start in 3 easy steps

Get your sensor up and running in record time with our “Quick Start” function. In just three steps, set the URI of the LwM2M server, choose the connection network and define the frequency bands to be used.

Instant communication via NFC

Forget complicated settings and bulky cables. Simply bring your Android smartphone close to the sensor to establish an instant connection and start configuring. Our app takes care of everything!

Simplified configuration management

Take advantage of our unique configuration management space on the application. Import a JSON file or retrieve the configuration of a specific sensor via NFC. Apply saved configurations to one sensor or duplicate them across multiple sensors in a single gesture.

Intuitive user interface

We’ve designed a user-friendly, intuitive interface to make configuring your sensors even easier.

The application guides you through each step of the configuration process, providing clear instructions and well-organised sections.

Real-time data display

Adeunis IoT Configurator by NFC, goes beyond simple configuration by giving you the ability to view the latest data measured by your sensor in real-time. You can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and VOC index directly from the application. Stay informed of important environmental conditions wherever you are.

Compatible sensors

Our application is compatible with our latest generation of cellular IoT sensors.

Guaranteed safety and reliability

The security of your data is our top priority. Adeunis IoT Configurator ensures a secure connection between your Android device and Adeunis sensors. Rely on our solution for a seamless configuration of your sensors.

comfort ; serenity ; nfc ; configuration-capteur ; iot ; adeunis ; cellulaire ; nb-io ; lte-m

How does it work?


Download the application free of charge on the Play Store.


Activate NFC on your smartphone and launch the “IoT Configurator NB-IoT/LTE-M” application.


Place your smartphone against the sensor you want to configure. The Android application will recognise the product and read the information it contains.


Information and the current configuration of the connected sensor are displayed on the”IoT Configurator NB-IoT/LTE-M” application.


Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the sensor parameters.


Once the configuration is complete, you’re ready to use your configured sensor.

Download the application now!

IoT Configurator NB-IoT / LTE-M

Download our free application and discover the simplicity of NFC configuration for your Adeunis sensors.

Go to Google Play Store or App Store and start optimising your processes today.

Do you need help?

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