Wireless sensors and cellular IoT solutions

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Optimise your building's performance with our connected sensors.

Adeunis cellular IoT sensors enable you to monitor and analyse ambient data inside your buildings and measure water and electricity consumption.

Our range of IoT sensors communicates temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOC data via NB-IoT and LTE-Cat-M1 networks, along with the pulses emitted by your meters.

By analysing the data collected by our wireless sensors, you can improve and guarantee the well-being of building users, and reduce your energy consumption, whether in schools, offices, public buildings, etc.

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Our packaged offers provide you with the tools and support you need to implement your IoT projects on NB-IoT and LTE-Cat-M1 networks.

NB-IoT / LTE/M sensors

Get ready to optimize comfort of occupants

  • Unpack your COMFORT device, made in France.
  • Benefit from our standard pre-configuration of application parameters to optimize product autonomy.
  • Log on to our website to discover our technical documentation, designed to simplify your park’s configuration, integration, and operation.
  • Download our mobile installation and configuration App and considerably reduce your technicians’ training time.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our technical support team, who will answer all your questions via our HelpDesk interface.


Speed up your IoT deployment

  • NB-IoT / LTE-M sensors


  • All the benefits of the Basic offer, plus:
  • Select your SIM card, we will install it in the device for you.
  • Benefit from customized pre-configuration of the device’s network, server, and application parameters, carried out by our experts.


Reduce your deployment, integration, and operating costs

Configured sensor + Connectivity + Device management platform

  • All the benefits of the Standard offer, plus:

  • We take care of connectivity provider selection and SIM card integrationWe have managed connectivity for 5 years.

  • We provision your sensor on a device management platform. You benefit from a 5-year subscription in SaaS mode.

  • Set up a dashboard in a few clicks to monitor your fleet and gain efficiency and responsiveness.

  • Our experts are at your side! We offer training modules to help you get to grips with the solution, and access to our radio mapping tool (optional).

What are cellular networks for the IoT?

All our cellular IoT sensors can be configured to operate on NB-IoT and LTE-Cat-M1 cellular LPWAN networks.

These two technologies have been specially developed to solve the main problem with using cellular networks for connected objects: energy consumption. 


LTE-M: the solution for applications requiring high throughput and low latency

connectivite-reseaux-iot, nb-iot, lte-m, lte-catm1


connectivite-reseaux-iot, nb-iot, lte-m, lte-catm1


connectivite-reseaux-iot, nb-iot, lte-m, lte-catm1


LTE-M: the solution for applications requiring high throughput and low latency

LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines), otherwise known as LTE-Cat-M1, is also a sub-category of LTE. 

Thanks to its low latency and high throughput, LTE-M offers the possibility of regularly updating connected objects in order to deploy new functions and maintain security. This technology also makes it possible to transmit photos or voice and to use mobile devices for fleet management or asset tracking. 

Although it uses more energy than NB-IoT technology in difficult transmission conditions, LTE-Cat-M1 technology enables battery-powered applications.

NB-IOT, the perfect combination of range and energy efficiency

NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) is a sub-category of LTE that builds on existing 4G networks, licensed and operated by operators. 

NB-IoT technology offers wide coverage, excellent in-building penetration, and extended battery life.

It is a technology designed for fixed connected objects.


Existing infrastructure

connectivite-reseaux-iot, nb-iot, lte-m, lte-catm1

Optimum coverage


Limited initial investment

The advantages of our range of sensors for cellular networks


Network coverage

Our sensors have excellent network coverage, both indoors and outdoors.


Worldwide presence

Our sensors can connect to any NB-IoT or LTE-Cat-M1 network available in the world. Your international deployment projects are made easy.


Configure your sensors in less than 15 minutes, either locally using a free mobile application or remotely from your LwM2M server.


By integrating the LwM2M or MQTT protocols, we can guarantee the interoperability of our sensors with the other connected objects in your fleet and with your management platform. This makes it easier for you to collect and analyse data and gives you centralised management of your objects. 


Device management

By using the LwM2M (Lightweight M2M) protocol built into our solutions, you can carry out all the device management operations for your fleet of sensors, whether on a single unit or a massive scale, remotely and with complete ease.



In a standard configuration, Adeunis battery-powered sensors using these technologies have a service life of up to 15 years without maintenance.

Solutions: monitor your building to optimise user well-being and energy consumption

Today, all buildings are affected by the need to optimise energy consumption and indoor comfort.

To meet these needs, it is important to analyse the various environmental factors present in a room. These include CO2 concentration levels, the number of people in a room, temperature, humidity levels and VOC levels.

Thanks to this ambient data, coupled with energy consumption monitoring, it is possible to adjust the use of the building’s technical equipment, such as heating, air conditioning or ventilation, and thus make energy savings.

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