Easily decode data from your Adeunis IoT sensors

Discover our tools to help you visualise your data.

Data decoding

Save time with our Codec and KARE tools, which decode the transmitted data for you.

Data visualisation

View air quality monitoring data for your buildings.


Provision of Codecs

Adeunis makes it easy for you to use your data by providing upstream to the operator the codecs allowing the decoding of your data.

We can also send you live these codecs if you want to keep the support of this decoding.

You thus receive information already decoded and save valuable time.

>Adeunis CODEC

KARE platform

The Adeunis KARE device management platform includes a data decoding feature.

With KARE you can automate the decoding of all data from your Adeunis sensors.


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Data visualisation

Thanks to our IAMo platform, you have a data preview interface to monitor the evolution of indoor air quality in your buildings.

CO2, TVOC, Fine Particles, Temperature, Humidity, Light and Ventilation: collect data inside your buildings and analyse them with the ICONE, TAIL and Ventilation indicators.

> IAMo

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