ADEUNIS: IoT products and solutions

Adeunis facilitates the deployment of your IoT projects thanks to its connected sensors and solutions, as well as an expert service

Our mission

Our mission is to accompany you in the digitalisation through IoT of your equipment and services for:

  • more energy performance, 
  • more comfort for users, 
  • optimising the maintenance of your equipment.


Your equipment with our connected IoT sensors and solutions.


The execution of your IoT projects thanks to the support of our experts.

Add value

Your businesses, equipments and services to contribute to your performance.

Adeunis and IoT

What is IoT?

The IoT or Internet of Things, refers to all the infrastructures and technologies that make up the value chain of connected objects: from the physical object: the sensor, to the collection and transmission of data, to their processing and analysis. 

Adeunis is positioned at the origin of the IoT data value chain. Our sensors and IoT solutions enable the collection of data for processing. Our solutions also allow us to manage the sensors over time for sustainable projects. As an IoT expert, Adeunis can assist you in the other stages of your digitalisation projects.


Our connected solutions

Adeunis supports you through a range of connected solutions and services throughout the different stages of your IoT digitalisation project.

To help you achieve your goals our offer consists of:

  • A wide range of IoT sensors developed by our R&D radio experts.

  • Additional services to facilitate your IoT projects:

    • applications for configuring, decoding and monitoring data and sensors,

    • expert support during the different stages of the project.


Adeunis products in the world

Our IoT sensors are available in several versions to meet the radio standards of different areas of the world. Find all our sensors available in LoRaWAN EU 863-870, US902-928, AS923, Sigfox RC1, RC2, RC4 and NB-IoT in our catalogue


Who are our solutions for?

Adeunis is a specialist in Smart Building and is also present in the fields of Smart City and Smart Industry.

Whether you want to optimise the maintenance of your equipment, improve energy efficiency or the comfort of your buildings, Adeunis LPWAN sensors and solutions can be adapted to all your needs.

Whatever type of building you have to manage, you are confronted with building management issues.

Whether you are an operator, maintenance, energy or facility management professional, adeunis solutions enable you to achieve the objectives agreed with your customers.


Office buildings


Collective housing


Industrial buildings


Health care institution


Educational institution


Commercial buildings


Sports and cultural establishments


Accommodation / catering buildings

Adeunis in figures

Industrial know-how

+ More than 5 million products sold

Industrialization of +100 products

Large series production

Technical know-how

Radio | Embedded | Signal processing

20% of R&D revenue

Anticipation of new technologies: IA, Edge Computing, 5G

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