Find the best solution to connect your sensors

You need to deploy IoT sensors and define the network (s) more adapted to your project?

Discover all our connectivity solutions, compatible with all IoT networks.

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Choice of IoT technology

Let’s define together the best network solution and the most suitable operator for your projects.

Private networks

Public networks

Our reflection takes into account your needs, your uses and the target environment:

  • Distribution of sensors on a territory or in the same building (locally)
  • Implantation of sensors inside, outside or underground
  • Number of sensors to deploy
  • Desired communication frequency
  • Autonomy & food products
  • Need for security and confidentiality

Private network

Assistance in setting up and managing LoRaWAN networks.

You are looking for :

  • Complete control of radio coverage
  • The security / confidentiality of the transmitted data
  • The reduction of subscription fees
  • Local network coverage

We bring you:

  • The provision of infrastructure elements (gateway)
  • Support for implementation
  • Deployment support

We also offer radio-mapping services.

Public network

Support for managing network subscriptions

We evaluate the type (s) of subscriptions that best suit you (possibility of combining several operators / public networks), ensure its implementation and its management:

  • Subscription
  • Provisioning objects
  • Redirecting data to your application server
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