Use KARE+, the product management offer for the maintenance in operational conditions

You manage a park of Adeunis products and have to guarantee its performance, its functioning and data security?

Use KARE, the adeunis device management platform, to maintain your sensors in operational conditions.


Optimize your operating costs

By intervening on site at the right time and avoiding unnecessary trips.

Consolidate your business model

By ensuring the proper lifetime of the products and adjusting their configuration.



Increase the satisfaction of your end customers

By allowing continuity in the service rendered.

The KARE offer, consists of:

The device management platform: KARE


The Over-The-Air update application

KARE+, the two-in-one service to make managing your Adeunis IoT sensors easier


KARE, our platform of “device management”, allows you to maintain in operational conditions your Adeunis connected object park.

With KARE, you can:

VIEW your IoT sensor park

Distribution of assets

State of operation of the park :

  • autonomy

  • network quality

  • quality of data reception

  • compliance with the radio subscription

iot, kare, device management, lpwan

VIEW each sensor


Quality of data reception

iot, kare, device management, lpwan, lorawan, sigfox, lora
iot, kare, device management, lpwan, lorawan, sigfox, lora


Lifetime simulation

Respect of the subscription

Compliance with radio standards

ACT on your IoT sensors

Delegate management to a third parties

Configure remotely

Intervene wisely

iot, kare, device management, lpwan, lorawan, sigfox, lora

Even more services with KARE+

In addition to the functionalities present in KARE, with KARE+ you benefit from the possibility of acting on site, simultaneously, on your sensors adeunis for:

Change the configuration of a sensor fleet without contact ;

Develop embedded software without physically interfering with the sensors.




+ more optimization of your intervention costs

  • Product group management
  • Easy intervention on products that are difficult to access

+ more reliability for your fleet

  • Bug resolution
  • Assurance of a fleet that is always up to date
  • No physical action on the products (safety)

+ more possible evolutions for your sensors

  • Remote loading of dedicated configurations
  • Privileged access to new application software and network versions
  • Custom embedded application software on request

when to use KARE+

The + of the solution

  • Group processing of products
  • Without physical intervention on the products
  • Easy to use
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Restricted areas accessible
  • LoRaWAN / Sigfox compatible



required elements for use

Download the app

Compatible with Windows 10 minimum


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