What is redundancy for?

The redundancy embedded in our product is a mechanism that allows to repeat data from one frame to the other. So, in case of lost frame (limit of network coverage for example), the missing information can be found in the next frame, which decreases the risk of lost data and improves reliability of the global solution. 

Concretely, what's going on?

  • Historization period of the data, every hour;
  • Frequency of the transmission: every 2 historizations (so every 2 hours);
  • Number of redundant data from one frame to another: 4 redundant data.

What benefits?

In this example, each frame contains the data from the 6 last hours, 2 new data and 4 data already sent in previous frames. So, there is a loss of data only after 3 consecutive lost frames.

In conclusion, thanks to redundancy system, reliability and completeness of the data are possible.

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