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Adeunis and MultiTech join forces to offer a LoRAWAN solution compatible with SCADA devices for Smart Building actors

Adeunis and Multitech, recognized players in the world of IoT, offer integrators and building managers a solution that allows them to easily associate IoT sensors with existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) devices. This solution is available today on the French market through their joint distributor Dataprint.

The various European legislations for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the building industry, such as the Tertiary and BACS decrees in France, generate a growing need for building equipment in order to better manage it. LoRaWAN IoT solutions, because of their ease of installation and the multiplicity of use cases they can handle, are the perfect answer to this need.

Adeunis and Multitech have joined forces to offer a solution that is particularly suited to the needs of buildings already equipped with SCADA devices, by providing an IoT solution that can be easily integrated with existing devices.


Objective: an IoT solution for buildings, compatible with SCADA devices

The joint proposal allows to provide traditional SCADA integrators with a quick adoption of LoRAWAN technology without the need to know all its technical particularities.

The challenge is to enable the LoRaWAN gateway provided by Multitech to communicate with the systems already in place, in order to add the IoT sensor data to the other data already managed by the SCADA solution. In many cases, this is a BMS (Building Management System) solution or a PLC that only communicates using SCADA-specific protocols such as BACNET.  

With this offer, integrators have a plug and play solution. They can concentrate on the desired use case… The integration time is thus considerably reduced.

When an integrator needs BACNET, Multitech offers a specific mPower firmware that already integrates the decoding of the main Adeunis sensor frames and makes the data available in BACNET format for the PLC. If the 4G cellular version of our gateway is used, it can also be used to connect the PLC to the integrator's management platform by acting as a router, while providing local LoRAWAN traffic to BACNET. In other cases, the integrator can use the MQTT broker natively available in our gateways.

IoT, an easy-to-deploy solution for multiple use cases

The use of such LoRaWAN radio technology allows for a quick and cost-effective installation compared to more traditional wired solutions in the SCADA world. The LoRaWAN sensor remains very discreet and can be installed for several years without any particular maintenance. Moreover, the penetration of LoRaWAN technology in the building is much higher than other radio solutions that the sector has considered in the past. Finally, a single gateway can manage several hundred or even several thousand sensors depending on the use case.


Since the development of our first LoRaWAN sensor, we have worked hand in hand with integrators to understand their needs and provide them with a complete range of IoT solutions that address the main use cases of Smart Building. Whether it is for monitoring consumption, user comfort or equipment maintenance such as HVAC, it is now easy for an integrator to deploy an IoT solution to complement existing devices in the building.

Adeunis and MultiTech: a long-standing partnership

Adeunis and MultiTech have been working together for many years. MultiTech, a gateway provider, is a founding member of the LoRa Alliance created in 2015 and Adeunis joined the Alliance early on and certified its first sensor in 2016. Over the past seven years, both companies have expanded their range of LoRaWAN solutions to meet the growing needs of building managers.

This historical relationship allows integrators to purchase the products of both brands from expert distribution partners such as Dataprint in France.

DataPrint offers its integrator customers a one-stop shop for the complete solution as well as services such as gateway preparation, consulting and solution design support. Our agility, IoT expertise and in-depth knowledge of both brands' products allow us to be a true project facilitator for Smart Buildings integrators.

For more information on our innovative solutions for the Smart Building, come and meet us on the MultiTech / DataPrint stands at the exhibition IoT World/M2M Embedded 29 and 30 June 2022, Porte de Versailles in Paris. You can also meet MultiTech and Adeunis at the LoRaWAN World Expo on 6-7 July in Paris.

About Multitech

MultiTech improves work and life by leveraging sensor technology and connectivity to bring systems and processes into the future and generate new revenue streams and efficiencies. Our broad portfolio of technologies, combined with expertise in design, integration and manufacturing, translates into unmatched performance, simplicity and user experience.

We have a passion for service that drives us to meet and exceed expectations with exceptional service and support throughout the life cycle of your solution. We never stop looking for new ways to solve problems with technology, which is how we continue to deliver industry firsts for ourselves and our customers.

About Dataprint


As a distributor of IT, network and telecom solutions since 1967, DataPrint has focused for the past 10 years on providing products, services and advice for the development and deployment of connected industrial applications.

Thanks to its partnerships with the largest manufacturers of IoT solutions, DataPrint offers its customers a wide catalogue of products for professional IoT applications: modems, modules, routers, sensors, gateways, starter kits, packaged offers, etc., with the guarantee of industrial quality and a high level of service.

As an expert in cellular (2G/3G/4G/5G) and LPWAN (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT) connectivity technologies, the company is now recognised as a major player and leader in the distribution of industrial IoT solutions in France.

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