Adeunis works with various partners (network and connectivity) in order to deploy solutions that fulfill your expectations
Actility supports public operators and companies in the deployment of their IoT networks, allowing them to access a wide range of products and solutions on this market, thanks to its network of partners. > Learn more
MultiTech offers industrial wireless IoT solutions to connect all types of equipment. > Learn more
Objenious by Bouygues Telecom, operates a national network dedicated to connected objects in France, based on LoRa® technology and offers a platform for managing these objects, SPOT (Smart Portal Of Things). > Learn more    
Orange has deployed a national network based on LoRa® technology, and offers connectivity solutions for all connected objects (IoT) through its LiveObjects platform. > Learn more
Sigfox deploys and operates an international network dedicated to the Internet of Things based on the deployment of its own technology. > Learn more  
Swisscom is the market leader in telecommunications and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland. > Learn more
Wattsense offers an on-demand and non-intrusive service for connecting buildings. It allows you to connect an application from the cloud to a building. > Learn more
Wi6Labs develops solutions for a high-performance and sustainable Internet of Things. These solutions are based on the deployment of LPWAN private network. > Learn more