Energy renovation: how to quickly reduce collective heating costs


Quickly and easily reduce collective heating consumption and control indoor comfort in homes


EFFICAP-Energie helps its customers, mainly large flat blocks, to save energy while improving thermal comfort, by focusing on actions with a rapid return on investment (ROI < 1, or 2 years).

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CHALLENGE for energy renovation projects

The energy efficiency of buildings has become a major concern for co-owners, especially as the rise in energy prices accelerates.

The major challenge is to reduce heating energy consumption, which is the biggest item of expenditure for a co-ownership.

EFFICAP Energie works daily with condominium owners and trustees to help them control indoor temperatures and generate 10% to 20% annual energy savings long-term, with very little work.

Moreover, the savings generated from the 1st year onwards will free up the budget for other work with longer payback periods, either on the heating system or the building itself (ITE, roof insulation, etc.).

In 2020, they participated in a renovation project for a co-ownership of 170 homes in 2 buildings in Paris.

30 to 50%

In co-owned properties, heating is generally the largest item of expenditure, accounting for 30-50% of the annual budget.

50 to 70%

In the commercial sector, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) accounts for 50 to 70% of annual energy expenditure.

Energy renovation project for multi-family housing

Ambitious renovation of a "Trente Glorieuses" co-ownership building

Building identity:

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Building identity

SdC 20-22 rue d’Arcueil

Year of construction


Number of buildings


Number of homes


Heating type


Winner of the City of Paris’ EcoRénovons Paris scheme.

The project to renovate the 20 rue d’Arcueil condominium in Paris is an exemplary energy renovation initiative.

Initiated in 2015, this project has seen the co-ownership undertake a series of works to improve the energy efficiency of its 170 homes.

The main actions include the renovation of the boiler room, the replacement of lights with LEDs, the thermal insulation of terraces, facades, and floors, the installation of an innovative heating regulation system based on weather forecasts, and the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

The results are significant, with a 55% reduction in energy consumption since 2014, a reduction in carbon emissions, and a clear improvement in thermal comfort for co-owners.

To find out more about the project, visit:

SOLUTION to reduce energy costs

The EFFICAP-Energie heating eco-driving solution for reducing energy costs and controlling comfort is based on the premise that “anything that can be measured can be improved”, and 2 main levers:
  • Building temperature control, using ADEUNIS COMFORT IoT temperature/humidity sensors, placed in homes representative of the thermal comfort of the residence.
  • Predictive regulation of collective heating based on future weather forecasts, thermal inertia, geographical location, and residence orientation.

RESULTS of the energy renovation project


energy performance


occupant satisfaction

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Reducing costs

Key data for the entire renovation project:

Consumption before project

171 kWhep/m²/year

Consumption after project

94 kWhep/m²/year

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