Monitoring indoor air quality at ten or so of Paris's major event venues



As the operator of 12 major event venues in Greater Paris, VIPARIS is Europe’s leading convention and trade show host. Every year, it welcomes 10 million visitors and 800 events from all sectors (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris Le Bourget, Paris Nord Villepinte, etc.).



Synox is a French creator of IoT solutions. A pioneer in IoT for over 15 years, Synox helps its 700 customers in France and Europe (and around the world) to do their jobs better, by designing IoT ecosystems with high added value: powerful and invisible, sustainable and responsible, tailored to their needs and tailored to their uses. Our mission? To make the IoT a solution with a positive impact on people and a sensible impact on the planet.

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CHALLENGE: monitor indoor air quality

Visitor comfort and satisfaction are key elements for VIPARIS, which welcomes several million people a year. They are also the driving forces behind the deployment of this IoT project.

VIPARIS aims to improve visitor comfort by guaranteeing a healthy environment through controlled air quality. The challenge also lies in complying with air quality regulations applicable to establishments open to the public. In terms of both temperature and CO2 levels, commercial buildings must comply with certain health requirements.

The VIPARIS teams also want to modernize their sites and offer innovative services to organizers and visitors, thanks to the IoT.

SOLUTION: IoT to improve comfort and satisfaction

The following solution has been deployed at around ten sites managed by VIPARIS:

  • Adeunis IoT sensors to measure air quality were installed in the various spaces,
  • LoRaWAN connectivity with a private network has been deployed by Synox.
  • Synox platforms:

VIPARIS has therefore installed 178 Comfort CO2 IoT sensors in the various buildings. The sensor, dedicated to monitoring indoor air quality, is designed to optimize comfort and guarantee the health of occupants. It measures temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.

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The right connectivity: following a study of local coverage, Synox recommended the deployment of private LoRa connectivity. The advantage of a private infrastructure is that it provides optimum coverage for all sites and much greater security.

Adeunis objects and LoRa connectivity are managed by Synox on the SoM2M#IoT platform.

The indoor air quality (IAQ) data is then used on SoDATA#Viz, the data visualization platform.

On SoDATA#Viz, users benefit from customized dashboards with site mapping, historical data, and an alerting system. VIPARIS teams are alerted as soon as any indoor air quality data exceeds a pre-set threshold (for example, an abnormal CO2 level during an event, a temperature that is too low or too high, etc.).

By monitoring and analyzing temperature, humidity, and CO2, we can guarantee good air quality, a better environment, and greater comfort for site occupants.

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RESULT with IoT solutions

Thanks to the IoT solution deployed, VIPARIS is now able to remotely monitor the various data gathered by the 178 sensors in real-time, in total security.

As well as being able to view the data being sent simultaneously in several areas, VIPARIS is alerted if any thresholds are exceeded. Teams can then act quickly as required (turn on the heating, air conditioning, open the windows, etc.).

The VIPARIS technical teams are also able to cross-reference the different data and adapt their actions. For instance, correlating the temperature of an area with its energy requirements to reduce consumption.

VIPARIS has been able to modernize event sites by displaying data to visitors in real-time. At the end of each event, they also send detailed reports to customers and suppliers attesting to these values.


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