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Adeunis IOT solutions deployed in Australia dedicated to sustainable water consumption with Elecom Electronics Supply

Crolles, 31 March 2023

Adeunis and its Australian distributor Elecom Electronics Systems have been working together for a few months now to connect, with IoT, a thousand water meters on Australia’s east coast.

Water is a precious resource that must be saved. In order to control its water consumption, a town located on the east coast of Australia, south of Brisbane, has decided to equip the meters of its network with Adeunis IoT sensors. More than a thousand meters are now equipped with the Adeunis PULSE sensor.

The PULSE sensor, in its radio version dedicated to the Australia/New Zealand zone (LoRaWAN AS923), regularly and programmed, brings up meter consumption data so that the city can monitor and analyse their evolution. An alert is also issued when the threshold is exceeded. This function allows for the rapid detection of water leaks in the network and thus for quick action to regulate them and avoid excessive losses.

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In addition to the environmental aspect, the project to integrate Adeunis IoT sensors into the management of a water network brings economic and operational benefits. Indeed, thanks to the consumption data collected by the sensors, the city can better understand the consumption habits of its inhabitants and adjust its water management strategies accordingly. This can lead to significant savings for the city in terms of water production and distribution costs, as well as better use of available resources. In addition, early detection of water leaks reduces maintenance and repair costs, as well as minimising revenue losses due to undetected leakage.

This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Elecom Electronics Supply, the local distributor of Adeunis IoT solutions. The deployment of the sensors is currently still ongoing on the city’s meters, representing a first step and a first large-scale test before further deployments.

Australia is a buoyant market for our IoT solutions, thanks to our collaboration with Elecom Electronics Systems, which perfectly ensures our relay on the ground, we can be present locally and carry out beautiful projects The acceleration of our international deployment is one of our priority objectives. Being able to rely on trusted partners, such as Elecom Electronics Supply, is essential in this strategy that we are pursuing on a daily basis and which will soon be reinforced thanks to the release of new offers in 5G IoT technologies.

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