Create easily & quickly your IoT chain


Enjoy a complete ready-to-use chain, suited to your needs, allowing you to collect your data via a private network.


01 Transmit
Thanks to our wide choice of devices, adaptable to various business applications, the IoT Toolbox will answer to all your needs. To start, choose 3 devices* from our range of products.
02 Connect
With the Gateway, create a 100% private network to transmit your data via the LoRaWAN private network.
 Choose the solution best suited to your needs, in 4Gor Ethernet, for the distribution of data on the web interface.
03 Operate
Retrieve and operate all of your data, with the adeunis interface or your own tool. It is up to you to decide how you want your data to be communicated to you.


Your kit includes:
3 Devices
1 Gateway
1 Web interface
1H of support
1 Antenna kit
1 Sim – 3 months of subscription included (if 4G)


Options – Complete your package

To  finalize your package, add others products or services options: 
  • More devices
  • Training / Support
  • On-site support