ADEUNIS, a specialist in connected sensors and wireless solutions for the operational performance of professionals, announces a collaboration with Sigfox on the development of a Repeater.


The Repeater will provide the possibility to extend the existing network to ensure the connection of all objects, especially in areas with low coverage such as a basement. The Repeater will allow all products to access the Sigfox network and it can be associated with any type of sensor. To facilitate the installation process, ADEUNIS will also provide optimized installation kits to its customers as needed. The goal is to be able to set up this product quickly and completely independently.



In January 2018, will begin a series of field tests jointly organized by ADEUNIS and Sigfox. Following this phase of tests in real conditions, ADEUNIS plans to make available the end products on the second quarter of 2018.

Christophe Fourtet, co-founder and scientific director of Sigfox, says: “The Repeater is the ideal product to provide additional coverage to the Sigfox global network for objects installed under extremely adverse conditions. The flexibility, simplicity and high autonomy of this product ensure the massive deployment of sensors, while controlling installation and maintenance costs. This opens the door for IoT solution providers to transform new business opportunities, ensuring the performance of their entire connected object pool. ”

Pascal Saguin, Managing Director of Adeunis, adds: “This new product is perfectly in line with our strategy to bring even more added value to the IoT networks of our partners in order to accelerate their adoption by our professional customers. Thanks to our technological know-how and our collaboration with Sigfox’s technical teams, we have designed an innovative product that opens up new business opportunities, in line with the objectives set during our IPO. ”