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Detect unwanted human or animal intrusion


Detect unwanted human or animal intrusion? Soon possible!

The arrival of new low-speed protocols, embedded intelligence in sensors, all technological developments that open the way to new uses. Detecting an unwanted intrusion in public or private places place is the new use case proposed by Adeunis in the context of the LTE-M challenge, launched by Orange in partnership with SNCF.

Embedded intelligence is focused in a connected object that will analyse a complex situation from several angles and build useful elements for final decision-making by a human.

The new LTE-M network (5G low speed) dedicated to the world of connected objects enables the communication of rich information, thanks to a speed that allows the transmission of voice or video sequences for example, while ensuring low energy consumption.

Make security decisions in real time

In the framework of the LTE-M Challenge, Orange/SNCF, Adeunis has therefore developed a solution connected to the LTE-M network, for addressing the following issue: how to detect a human or animal intrusion in public or private places, such as a tunnel, where nobody, except a train, should circulate?

It is by combining multiple sensors (microphone, infrared detector, thermal camera) within the same product that the solution developed by Adeunis makes it possible to describe the intrusion.

Implementation of the LTE-M radio technology also makes it possible to support the removal of doubts: the tunnel maintenance manager can at any time interrogate the system to obtain sound or visual elements for analysing the live scene.

  1. In the first instance, the response provided enables the raising of an  
  2. If a presence is detected, an audio description makes it possible to distinguish between a vehicle, a man who walks or speaks, an animal that makes a noise, an unknown noise ….

This first step is then enriched with additional indicators which, once merged, can detect the proximity of mobile phones, count and describe heat sources … offering a comprehensive analysis of the scene.

The decision-maker can thus take advantage of this analysis in real time to react to the situation and quickly complete their diagnosis by analysing the scenein person.

A solution in real time that allows immediate removal of doubts, in a situation where safety is at stake!

Alert, useful data and removal of doubts: the human being at the heart of all use cases

The solution developed for this Orange-SNCF challenge aims to solve the problems of intrusion in a tunnel. It can be applied in many other Smart Building, Smart City or Smart Industry contexts, where it is necessary to monitor and be alerted instantly of an intrusion.

For example, at an electrical transformer centre, or any other strategic location, the maintenance agent is warned of this intrusion and can check the scene if necessary: sound recording, image recording … all the tools to assist in their decision-making!