TIC & Pulse ATEX


Discover the latest adeunis® products: TIC and PULSE ATEX

TIC: Connecting your electricity meters


  • Classic ICT-compatible ICT interface, SME-SMI and Linky (historical mode : 1200)
  • Choice of fully configurable labels
  • Periodic, event-related or exceeded thresholds
  • Self-powered (harvesting)
  • IP 67 (IP 68 on request)

Example of Use Case

 Follow consumption and exceedances of industrial electric meters to optimize consumption.

PULSE ATEX: Give all your meters communications capability in explosive atmosphere. 


  • ATEX product: used in explosive atmosphere
    · Gas & steam
    – Zone 1 : immediate proximity to the sensitive area
    – Groupe IIC : hydrogen gases and vapors, acetylene …
    · Dust
    – Zone 21 : immediate proximity to the sensitive area
  • Up to 2 connectable meters
  • Tamper and leak detection
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Local and remote configuration

Example of Use Case

 Monitor your energy consumption in the immediate proxymity of your meter.

 Count the opened / closed status or filling volume of a grain silo, placed on a SEVESO site.


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