Extending the reach of the Sigfox network


Ensuring proper communication of all wireless temperature sensors installed in refrigerators and freezers



Sensohive is a Danish company, created on November 2014 with more than 2 000 sensors deployed, on a mission to help B2B clients to automate documentation, increase insight and helps clients to understand how to create value from the gathered data. Sensohive helps clients such as restaurant chains with intelligent temperature documentation and alarms to full temperature documentation at precast element productions

Market: Europe

Business Line: Agri-food

Type of building concerned: All

Objective: Sensohive offers a turn-key solution for food companies to optimize processes and reduce risks by implementing wireless sensors

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The challenge is simple: how to ensure the good communication in all situations of wireless temperature sensors installed in refrigerators and freezers?

Indeed, cold rooms don’t have windows on the outside and are often positioned in indoor or even deep-indoor areas.

How in this context start a business and keep the promise to its customers when in some cases the application implicates locations where public networks cannot reach the products?


The adeunis Sigfox Repeater was really designed to answer such questions by just allowing to gain the few tens of meters to join the network coverage.

It is in this way that Sensohive has deployed on some critical premises the repeaters with the help of Adeunis and the collaboration of Sigfox. The effects of the repeaters were immediately felt by optimizing the reception performance of the Sigfox network on certain products. Below is an example of the reception of information before the installation of repeaters where the lines between two points represents a lack of measure…



…and after the installation of repeaters where the measures curves are continuous:



These 2 pictures show a huge improvement of the data retrieve with implementing the repeaters: 95% of received frames with the repeater instead of 24% without.

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"The repeater is a new chapter in the roll-out of Sigfox and delivering solution based on the Sigfox Technology. The repeater enables in our opinion device makers and solution providers the ability to deliver a well-functioning product even under severe conditions. We believe the ability to add the repeater will be the deal-maker for us in several cases."

"The Repeater is the ideal product to provide additional coverage to the Sigfox global network for objects installed under extremely adverse conditions and where the use of a micro/femto station would be difficult or non-ideal from an ROI stand point. The flexibility, simplicity and high autonomy of this product ensure the massive deployment of sensors, while controlling installation and maintenance costs. This opens the door for IoT solution providers to transform new business opportunities, ensuring the performance of their entire connected object pool.”

"This new product is perfectly in line with our strategy to bring even more added value to the IoT networks of our partners in order to accelerate their adoption by our professional customers. Thanks to our technological know-how and our collaboration with Sigfox’s technical teams, we have designed an innovative product that opens up new business opportunities, in line with the objectives set during our IPO."


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