TEMP Two external probes


Control the temperature on two distinct points


Temp Double Sonde

Temperature measurements simultaneously in two places

The objective of this product is to enable building managers to control and optimize the maintenance of their structure.



  • Two remote probes
  • Periodic or event-based sending
  • Locally and remotely configurable
  • Low power consumption for optimal autonomy


Application example:

For all building managers, whether tertiary, public or industrial, adeunis® products provide a comprehensive response to the challenges of building management including that of the safety of its occupants.

Indeed, the probes placed at the entrances and the exits of your hydraulic circuits, will enable you to follow and to monitor the differences of temperatures.


Temperature monitoring | Boiler room monitoring

Measure the temperature of your installations on two separate points: at the start and at the end of your domestic hot water circuit.>>>


 DHW | Control the non-proliferation of the Legionella

Monitor the temperature in a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) circuit, to control the non-proliferation of the Legionella bacteria, in an Institution Receiving Public (ERP).>>>