Data decoding: do you want to save time?


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Frédéric Clain, IoT Products & Services Manager


What is the ADEUNIS CODEC application?

Adeunis, out of a desire to facilitate the understanding and integration of its products, in its clients’ information systems, has developed a new application. It’s very easy to use and accessible online (in the form of a website); it lets one decode data frames from an adeunis® product. The goal is to reduce the development time of business applications, while ensuring optimisation of data use.


How does it work?

This application first and foremost enables the decoding of a raw frame into clear information. It also offers visualisation and recovery of the Javascript code, which enabled such decoding. Once these operations have been performed, all that remains is to integrate this code or adapt it to the desired environment.
With this tool, decoding becomes easy and fast. Thus, it lets you save precious time.


With which products is it compatible?

At the moment, this tool is compatible with TEMP, DRY CONTACT, PULSE, MOTION and COMFORT products (LoRa and Sigfox versions).
It will eventually become compatible with all products of the adeunis® range.




Adeunis also offers tailor-made services to assist you in the software integration of its products, according to your environment and your skills: advice, development, validation …