Pulse & MODBUS


Discover the latest adeunis® products: new version for the Pulse and new product MODBUS

PULSE: Making all your meters communicate 


  • Up to 2 connectable meters
  • Fraud and leak detection
  • Flow monitoring
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Consumption controlled for optimized autonomy

Example of Use Case

Monitor energy consumption in a building (water, electricity, etc.).

Count the number of people or the number of passes in a specific place.


MODBUS: Testing one or more MODBUS slaves


  • MODBUS Master RS485 / RS232
  • Up to 10 slaves or 15 registers per slave
  • Monitoring and supply of power to the sensor
  • Local and remote configuration

Example of Use Case

Make communicating weather stations equipped with multiple sensors.

 Information feedback about industrial PLCs and control them remotely.


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