Field Test Device

    • – New features –

The LoRaWAN 868 Field Test Device evolves to be as close as possible to user needs. Discover its new features to make its use even easier.


Simplified screen

New “simplified” screen to quickly and easily qualify the quality of the on-site radio link.


Analysis of the quality of the uplink. The FTD now shows the quality of the uplink and its SNR value. This is in addition to the data already studied on the quality of the downlink frames.


Download of the last 100 measurements to PC or smartphone through the IoT Configurator or AT commands. Measurements are localized and time-stamped if GPS is enabled.

IoT expert

With the FTD, carry out a radio-mapping to qualify and validate the available network in order to best start your projects.

Built-in antenna

“Built-in antenna” mode that allows the FTD to emulate the behavior of a product with a PCB antenna without having to deactivate the ADR.


Configuration screen

New screen to know the current configuration of the FTD(ADR, DUTYCYCLE, SF AUTO/MANUAL, TX POWER AUTO/MANUAL).

Other new features

  • Deactivation of the main button: the FTD goes into periodic mode.
  • The GPS screen only displays if GPS is enabled in the settings.
  • Clears the screen for custom downlinks.
  • New way to inform that a downlink has not been received.
  • Enabling / disabling ADR.



Reference product acclaimed by public network operators


Immediate visualization of network coverage data


Geolocation of measurement points

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