Two new products dedicated to Smart Building



 Brightness / presence measurements


Temperature / humidity measurements

The aim of this range is to enable building managers to control and optimize the energy performance of their structure, while ensuring maximum comfort for their occupants.



  • integrate 4 functions each: temperature / humidity or presence / brightness + alert button + dry contact input
  • meet the challenges of simplicity of installation and use
  • adapt to the needs of the user operate
  • in periodic modes and on alarms
  • have an optimized autonomy, thanks to a new software allowing the historization of the data and thus the optimization of the frames.


Use Cases:

For all building managers, whether commercial, public or industrial, adeunis® products provide a global response to the challenges of building management, both on issues of multi-service management, and multi-technical:



Motion and Comfort are part of a complete infrastructure of adeunis® products and services that enable the implementation of intelligent communication systems for buildings and therefore the energy transition.