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The new version of the KARE web platform is now available! This version includes several new features to facilitate remote management of your adeunis sensors.

This new version offers the following possibilities:

  • Download an .csv file template for importing sensors. This template allows you to correctly build the file to import your sensor park into KARE.
  • Exporting heritage. This new button makes it easy to view the entire sensor tree and to make the following changes:
    • addition of sensors,
    • modification of the information related to the sensors (name, associated site…),
    • information on a battery change date,
    • site renaming.
  • Restart synchronization on all or part of the sensor configuration.
  • View the LQI (Link Quality Indicator) for Sigfox and LoRa. The LQI provides an indication of the status of the network present on site, in a simplified manner.
  • To not provide a sensor activation date: allows you to anticipate the installation of a sensor park that has not yet been activated. KARE detects the first frame transmission and starts its analysis on this date.

the platform opens up externally with its APIs

The 1st batch of APIs, allowing the integration of the KARE web platform functionalities to your business platforms is now available.

Find all queries on the associated swagger:

This API package provides the following possibilities:

  • Create/delete users.
  • Create/delete sites.
  • Manage a sensor park (creation / modification / deletion).
  • Have the latest information about the sensors (last frame date issued, last LQI, battery estimate…).

To take advantage of these APIs it is necessary to have a KARE user account in order to generate an associated key.

To find out more or to receive support in integrating these APIs, please contact us.


A KARE device management web platform

An application to update Over-The-Air


Optimize your operating costs

By intervening on site at the right time and avoiding unnecessary travel.


Consolidate your business model

By ensuring the proper lifetime of the products and adjusting their configuration.


Increase the satisfaction of customers

By allowing continuity in the service rendered.