Case studies

Collection: connect your compactors



Manage a fleet of compactors spread over different customer sites more or less distant can be difficult.

The organization of the tours becomes complex:

  • A customer forgot to warn that his compactor was full and he must intervene urgently?
  • Some displacements are useless during the cyclical interventions because the compactors are empty?
  • Customers need to focus on their business and forget the management of compactors?

The solution developed by adeunis® has just responded to these challenges in order to optimize the tours, by intervening at the right moment and thus guaranteeing a better service.



To ANTICIPATE and OPTIMIZE interventions

The adeunis® Dry Contacts sensors is easy to integrate with the compactors’ electrical box. It transmits information via an LPWAN network and allows the transmitted data to be tracked in real time on a web interface.

This solution brings:

  • Increase end customer satisfaction by valuing your experience
  • Develop the service rendered by removing unnecessary interventions
  • Savings on operating costs
  • Anticipation of compactor maintenance


The information transmitted will allow:


Be alerted in case of equipment malfunction

– power failure

– anomaly

– …


Know the filing level 
– 3/4 full
– full
– …



Analyzer the time of use


Download the datasheet “Environment – Collection – Compactors”