Repeater & Software application

Répéteur Sigfox adeunis, couverture réseau, iot
  • Improved management of reference transmitters / Sigfox sensors in installation mode 
  • Direct menu for the edition of the white list
  • Statistics and logs (Repeater version v2.2.x only)
  • Direct switch to operating mode after magnet start
    (Repeater version v2.2.x only)

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repeater, sigfox, reseau, iot

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Pack 1 – 500€ excluding VAT:
– 1 x Repeater Sigfox kit (ref. ARF8169BA).

– 5 x Sigfox Repeaters (ref. ARF8168AA)Pack 2 – 1300€ excluding VAT:– 1 x Repeater Sigfox kit (ref. ARF8169BA)

– 25 x Sigfox Repeaters (ref. ARF8168AA)

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– Sigfox Repeaters (ref. ARF8169AA)


The Sigfox Repeater from d’adeunis:

  • Allows you to extend the existing network to ensure all objects are connected, regardless of their location.
  • Ensures you access all your products, even deep indoor.
  • May be associated with any type of sensor.
  • Comes with an optimized installation kit for quick and autonomous installation.

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Répéteur, réseau, sigfox