Delta P


Measure a delta pressure



The DELTA P, new adeunis® product for the measurement of an air pressure delta, will allow you to monitor a CMV or a AHU (Air Handling Unit) remotely and thus predict your maintenance according to the machine cycle, clogging of the filter or electrical failure.

Thanks to its differential pressure sensor the product DELTA P will also allow you to more specifically monitor an element of the air network of your building to monitor its proper functioning (individual or network filter, closing valve network etc.).


3 embedded features:


  • Pressure difference:
    •  Between the atmospheric pressure and the inside of the box
    •  Between two different zones, such as on both sides of a filter or a valve


  • 2 digital inputs / outputs:
    • To connect to an automaton in order to trace alerts, such as operating state (on / off), motor fault, …
    • To connect to a pressure switch built into the machine to trigger a remote alert


  • 1 analogue input 0-10V :
    • Can be connected to any sensor with a 0-10 V output such as an ammeter clamp type sensor, in order to distinguish a power failure


Usage case:

Operation monitoring | Ventilation box

When positioned on a ventilation box, the Delta P lets one monitor, at a distance, the proper operation of the system, and it will be alerted in the event of a malfunction (electrical, breakdown, fouling…). >>>

Monitoring of fouling | Ventilation filter

Positioned either side of an air unit filter, it allows one to know the fouling status of the filter and to anticipate any interference. >>>