ventilation systems

Monitor the operation and optimize the maintenance of your HVAC units

Ensure the proper functioning of its equipment, anticipate maintenance and control the clogging of filters



Prevent and anticipate the technical maintenance of ventilation and air treatment equipment in a building is essential.

An efficient ventilation system (CMV – Controlled Mechanical Ventilation or AHU – Air Handling Unit) is the guarantee of a renewed air for the health of the building and its occupants.

To be able to follow the good functioning of these equipments and to anticipate their maintenance is thus essential.

These essential data will allow you to intervene at the right time to ensure the ROI of your contracts while guaranteeing the satisfaction of your customers and building users.


Thanks to :

you can remotely supervise your ventilation systems.

Installed on a ventilation unit or on the filter of an air handling unit, these IoT sensors with their numerous functionalities allow you to :

  • Gather a pressure delta between your CMV unit and atmospheric pressure (periodically and/or on event: threshold override),
  • Monitor the filter fouling by observing the pressure on both sides of the filter (periodically and/or on event: threshold overide)
  • Discriminate a remote power failure by connecting a current clamp to one of the phases of your system,
  • Be warned in case of a machine failure (motor, start/stop) with the digital inputs/outputs connected to the dry or relay contacts of the machine or controller,
  • Be warned in case of failure of a pressure switch already installed on your machine.
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Anticipation of needs and increased reactivity for the maintainer


Optimization of the life of the equipment


Reduction of intervention costs


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