USB dongle for KARE+: update a fleet of sensors

USB dongle for KARE+: update a fleet of sensors

With the KARE+ solution and its usb dongle, update simultaneously and without contact a fleet of products on the same site

Highlights of the IoT solution

  • Processing by product group
  • Without physical intervention on the products
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Easy to use and use
  • LoRaWAN / Sigfox compatible
  • Restricted areas accessible
  • Secure
  • On products in PARK or active mode

Description of kare+ IoT solution

With the USB dongle and the KARE+ application, you can:

Remotely and simultaneously configure a set of sensors 

Upgrade embedded software without intervention on sensors

KARE+ elements

Part number

  • ARF8147AA Dongle USB for KARE+



Compatible with Windows 10 minimum

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