PULSE LoRaWAN EU868 and Sigfox RC1 sensors get a new look!

The new housing of this sensor incorporates the following two major changes:
  • IP68: the PULSE sensor is now protected against prolonged immersion.
  • KARE+ compatible: the KARE+ offer allowing the simultaneous update of a fleet of adeunis sensors is now available with the PULSE sensor.

These new sensors replace the current PULSE versions. 
The application operation is unchanged, so the frames remain identical.


New part number:

  • ARF8230ABA PULSE4 IP68 LoRaWAN® EU863-870
  • ARF8230CBA PULSE4 IP68 Sigfox RC1
  • ARF8230ABA-CBL2 PULSE 2×3 fils LoRaWAN® EU863-870
  • ARF8230CBA-CBL2 PULSE 2×3 fils Sigfox RC1

The IoT PULSE sensors is now KARE+ compatible!

With KARE+, update over-the-air the configuration and firmware of your fleet of IoT adeunis sensors.


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