Energy monitoring of 165 buildings, colleges and administrative premises, in order to track in real time the energy expenditure of the entire building 



Market: departmental

Business Line: administrations

Type of building concerned: administrative, colleges

Objective: real-time monitoring of building consumptions



The Pas-de-Calais department must remotely read the consumption of the 165 administrative buildings and colleges under its supervision. The department wishes to upgrade the existing solution it has at the moment. They then trusted our partner advizeo to set up a turnkey energy monitoring solution.

This project of considerable scale represents more than 1,000,000 m2 of surface area to be equipped.

The department thus wished to regain control of its energy consumption and chose a complete service for this purpose: data feedback from the real estate portfolio via  adeunis sensors, centralization of energy bills, analysis of energy data from the advizeo platform and monitoring the annual energy budget.


  • The solution deployed to collect energy data for all 165 buildings in the department’s building stock includes :

    • IoT LoRaWAN sensors from adeunis, marketed by Dataprint :
      • PULSE: for monitoring water and electricity consumption,
      • PULSE ATEX: for monitoring gas consumption.
    • The advizeo web interface, for the processing and analysis of the data communicated.

The main advantages of the adeunis products is to optimize the time and therefore the cost of deployment. There is also the possibility to interface 2 meters per transmitter and a factory pre-wiring of the PULSE ATEX, with a connector specifically dedicated to gas meters.

"Adeunis sensors incorporate leak detection and redundancy algorithms to secure the information feedback. This data as well as data from energy bills are centralised and processed within the advizeo application. From advizeo, the CD62 can have a global visibility on its consumption and define its provisional budget."

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"The deployment of connected devices takes place very quickly. In less than two months, 45 buildings have already been connected and all sites will be connected in just a few weeks."

"The CD62 has opted for a complete, multi-measurement solution comprising connected sensors to remotely read the energy consumption stations of all its buildings in real time. This is part of a continuous improvement approach to the energy efficiency of the sites."


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