Control the temperature of cold rooms.


Monitoring of pharmaceutical storage areas to control temperature everywhere and at all times



Merian Iselin is a Swiss orthopaedic and private surgical clinic.

Market: Switzerland

Business sector: Health

Type of building: Hospital

Objective: Monitor the building to optimize its operation and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.



Controlling the temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical storage areas is an important challenge for medical facilities. The consequences of a break in the cold chain are quite significant, ranging from financial loss due to product quality deterioration to most critically, endangering patients’ health.

In Switzerland, the Merian Iselin private clinic is one of the most renowned in the country. It has chosen the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them meet this need.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the temperature inside pharmaceutical storage areas is kept between correct limits, irrespective of external conditions.


The clinic chose a complete end-to-end IoT solution that integrates Adeunis Comfort sensors with Zenner Connect’s Switzercloud IoT platform.

IoT sensors installed inside the storage areas periodically measure temperature and humidity and send the data to the Switzercloud platform, via LoRaWAN technology. 

The goal is to ensure technical teams react as quickly as possible whenever temperature or humidity thresholds are exceeded. Whether due to a power failure, a refrigeration breakdown or simply a poorly closed door, teams are alerted thanks to the inbuilt alerting system on the Switzercloud.

The solution records temperature in near-real time, to ensure remote monitoring as well as reporting, which can be easily shared with others or sent to other systems.




Guarantee product quality and limit potential health risks

rédution des coûts

Reduced risk of product degradation and potential financial losses

Increase staff efficiency, eliminate the need for periodic visual inspection

This first IoT use case will serve as the foundation for other Switzercloud applications such as parking management, asset tracking and many other IoT applications that can make medical clinic operations more efficient and a guests visit more enjoyable.


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