Dalkia at the Valenciennes Hospital

Ensure patient comfort and improve the energy performance of buildings by controlling room temperature



CH Valenciennes / Dalkia


  • Dalkia: responsible for the operation and maintenance of this site
  • CH Valenciennes: building to be monitored

Sector: Health

Building: Hospital

Objectives: Monitor the building to optimise its operation, achieve energy performance and maintain a high level of user satisfaction

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Dalkia provides day-to-day support to the Valenciennes Hospital in optimising the operation of its building. As part of their collaboration, a project to overhaul the building’s BMS/ITM services is underway.

In order to continuously improve the operation of its buildings and ensure optimum quality of service for its patients, the hospital asked Dalkia to implement a solution that would allow them to monitor the ambient temperature.

The aim is to ensure patient comfort and save on heating costs by better controlling the actual use of equipment and the various rooms. The areas to be monitored are:

  • bedrooms,
  • offices,
  • circulation areas.

The solution must be functional quickly. It must be simple to implement and easy to move. It will then be integrated into the new BMS/BMS system, which will be deployed in the coming months.


Dalkia and the Valenciennes Hospital therefore decided to implement an IoT solution.

Choose the most suitable IoT solution

Dalkia and the Valenciennes Hospital therefore decided to implement an IoT solution. Adeunis IoT sensors were therefore installed in the building. Initially, these IoT sensors will transmit their data via a public LoRaWAN network. Once the redesign of the BMS/BMS systems is completed, the data will be transmitted directly over a private LoRaWAN network.

In order to monitor the ambient temperature, more than 200 COMFORT IoT sensors have been deployed. These IoT sensors measure the temperature and humidity in rooms, offices and traffic areas. The monitoring and analysis of temperature and humidity ensures better comfort for the building’s occupants. The data analysed also ensures that energy performance is optimised.

Support the deployment of the IoT system

To support the teams and help to implement this solution, an Adeunis expert went on site. He spent a day training Dalkia teams in the use of the sensors and their deployment.

Pre-configure the sensors

To save time for the teams and make the IoT solution easier to use, the sensors were pre-configured using the KARE+ solution. This means that the sensors can also be remotely controlled and re-configured if necessary.



Optimisation of the building’s energy performance


Reduction of operating costs


Ensuring patient satisfaction


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