Event Detection Alert

Alert when a smoke extraction or vent hatch is opened 

Focus on smoke extraction / venting hatches

This fire-fighting equipment is essential to prevent the fire from spreading too quickly and to allow a good smoke extraction to protect the occupants. In the event of a fire, the first risk factor is the smoke, which causes a significant rise in temperature and perhaps the source of asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen.

The smoke extraction flap will therefore ensure that the smoke is evacuated:

  • facilitate the evacuation of people by allowing to move around,
  • provide access to emergency services,
  • limit the spread of the fire by evacuating heat and gases


The presence of a smoke extraction hatch or a mechanical smoke extraction device is essential to ensure the safety of the occupants in a building. In France, the installation and maintenance of smoke extraction dampers is compulsory in many buildings:

  • buildings open to the public (ERP),
  • industrial and commercial buildings,
  • multi-family dwellings.

Knowing the condition (open / closed) of these facilities is a real concern for building managers, condominium managers or even co-ownership trustees. Indeed, although they are supposed to be closed, Sometimes these smoke vents are left open voluntarily or not.

A quick look at the opening of the trap door allows:

  • to act as soon as possible and limit the damage that could occur in case of bad weather,
  • to prevent intrusion into common areas,
  • to ensure that compulsory maintenance operations have been carried out.

What easy-to-install solution for detecting an opening in existing buildings is there?


With the Adeunis’ IoT sensor DRY CONTACTS  coupled with a magnetic opening detector, the IoT CONTACT SENSOR solution alertes you as soon as the trapdoor is opened.

Once this information has reached the building manager, there are two options for the property manager:

  • a maintenance is planned on this equipment, so it is logical that it should be opened,
  • no intervention is planned, so there is no reason for the trapdoor to stay opened. It is therefore necessary to close it again.

It is also possible to find out how long the hatch stayed open.




Reactivity gains


Cost reduction related to the building’s degradation


Satisfaction and safety guarantee for the occupants

Fire safety: also think about controlling your ventilation systems (CMV or AHU).

Ventilation systems must also remains in good working order to ensure good smoke extraction and air renewal. The IoT Delta P sensor by adeunis makes it easy to detect the malfunctioning of a ventilation system and to act quickly accordingly. It is also possible to couple this sensor with a magnetic opening detector. To find out more about the control of ventilation systems, read our dedicated article.


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