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An offer to anticipate maintenance needs and act as quickly as possible in the event of a fault


SARP provides a full range of high-quality local services in the fields of ventilation and hygiene,  where people’s safety and environmental protection are priority issues. The company operates in all areas and has technological resources and highly qualified teams.
SEM, an entity belonging to the SARP Group, provides maintenance services for ventilation systems in the Montpellier, Nîmes and Narbonne regions.

Market: French

Business sector:Ventilation and hygiene

Building type: All types

Objectives: Ensure the maintenance of ventilation systems and act as quickly as possible in the event of malfunction.

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A building’s ventilation system is a critical component: it ensures the renewal of fresh air and protects the building against damage due to moisture and mould. Its proper functioning helps keep buildings healthy and protect the occupants from the negative effects of indoor air pollution. It also guarantees savings in the maintenance costs of the building.

A gas HVAC that breaks down immediately causes the boiler to shut down. This results in turning off the hot water supply and potentially heating for the building occupants; and very quickly moisture problems occur with the appearance of mould.

For a conventional HVAC, independent of the boiler, the detection of a fault may take a long time since the problems are not readily apparent. However, they occur and the air flow deteriorates very quickly.

The SEM/SARP company wishes to propose preventive and curative supervision HVAC system solutions and thus to meet the needs of its customers.


To meet these challenges, SEM/SARP tested the adeunis Delta P product for several months.

From a preventive point of view, this allows one to:

  • Detect a pressure delta between the system and the atmospheric pressure over time,
  • Anticipate an motor breakdown,
  • Identify a repetitive malfunction.

On curative aspects, it provides a warning when:

  • A motor stops working,
  • A filter is dirty,
  • A problem occurs with the belt operation (the motor continues to turn but the air is no longer being evacuated),
  • Failure of a pressure switch.
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The tests performed with Delta P are positive. Such a solution would keep the equipment in good working order and act quickly to intervene during a failure of any ventilation system. This, in order to avoid the excessive degradation of equipment and buildings over time, and to ensure optimal comfort for the occupants.

Gain in reactivity


Decrease maintenance costs


Improve well-being


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