A "plug & play" solution to optimize a building’s technical supervision


Offer its customers a solution to monitor remotely their buildings



Delta Sertec provides the installation, integration and maintenance of home automation solutions, multimedia systems and low-current networks that provide security, comfort and performance to all types of buildings. Its ambition: to provide technology and innovation in building electronics every day.

Market: French

Business Line: Information Technology and Services

Type of building concerned: Housing / Tertiary

Objective: make buildings truly intelligent, by offering an end-to-end solution to improve the safety, comfort and performance of the premises.



Making a building intelligent through technical supervision means improving its operation, economic management and comfort.

For nearly 2 years, Delta Sertec has been interested in the technical supervision of buildings in order to offer its customers (social landlords, condominium associations, SMEs, etc.) a solution for remote management of their properties:

  • Monitor the temperature and humidity of the premises, to optimize comfort or ensure that the temperature is maintained in critical areas (e. g. cold rooms, storage, etc.),
  • Check the presence and brightness of an area in order to analyse the use of spaces, reorganise them if necessary, plan the organisation of related services or even be able to regulate the level of brightness,
  • Ensure the operational reliability of its technical installations, such as elevators, ensure that they are in good condition and intervene as quickly as possible in case of a problem,
  • Protect premises from flooding, being alerted as soon as possible when water is detected,
  • Monitor the operating condition of the ventilation systems and act as quickly as possible in case of a problem,
  • Analyze your consumption by making your meters communicating, to reduce your energy bill.

The objective is to create a global offer, from the sensor to the final restitution of the analyzed information, to customers in a simple and intuitive way.


The solution developed integrates several players (Adeunis, Multitech, Technilog and Delta Sertec) in order to offer a complete offer that takes into account the entire data value chain.

Thanks to a supervision system, the user is informed in near-real time of a major default, via email or sms.

Simple to install and easy to use, it includes:

  • The IoT adeunis sensors used: COMFORTMOTIONPULSEWATER LEAK SPOT…, which recover the data,
  • The gateway and the Multitech network server, which communicates with the Web I/O supervision platform on a Private LoRa network,
  • The Delta Sertec telecom connectivity solution, which recovers the data and transmits it to the web platform,
  • Technilog’s Web I/O application, which processes, analyzes, pilots and restores sensor data.

Delta Sertek has selected these different players for their experience, strong compatibility and reliability of the different offers.




Guarantee customer comfort and satisfaction

rédution des coûts

Reduce operating costs


Improve the energy performance of the building


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