Temperature control


Guaranteeing customer comfort and the building’s energy performance by controlling the temperature of homes in real time


GrandLyon Habitat, an industrial and commercial public body, is the leading social landlord in Lyon’s inner city and manages more than 26,000 housing units.

GrandLyon Habitat is a responsible builder and manager and a pioneer in sustainable development. The organization offers affordable housing to low-income groups, as well as local support to help them find residential development that meets their needs and integrate into all areas of the Lyon metropolitan area.


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GrandLyon Habitat, a social landlord for the city of Lyon, has decided to gradually equip its residential housing stock with IoT temperature sensors.

By controlling the temperature of the dwellings, in these buildings equipped with collective heating systems, the objective of Grand Lyon Habitat is to improve tenant satisfaction by :

  • providing them with better comfort in their homes,
  • ensuring optimal energy performance in apartments.


GrandLyon Habitat has chosen to equip itself with the solution proposed by the company Homeys. A solution based on Objenious’ LoRaWAN network and adeunis’ COMFORT sensors which includes :

  • A web portal for analyzing collective heating settings and monitoring comfort,
  • Regular reports to be able to exchange with its operator,
  • Alerts in the event of temperature thresholds being exceeded in dwellings: over-consumption or abnormal drop.

The chosen solution was quickly implemented. Indeed, the LoRa technology used only requires the installation of sensors in a fraction of the dwellings according to the recommendations of the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).




Improved resident satisfaction


Optimization of the building’s energy performance


Prioritization of energy renovation work, thanks to algorithms


Source: https://objenious.com/smart-building-confort/

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