Current sensor

Measure the current using an ammeter clamp

Function : Current measurement

Available technologies



  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Self-powered
  • Periodic emission of the measurement or event on parametric thresholds (Alert)

Technical specifications

Current transducer

  • Operating temperature: -25°C / +60°C
  • Fire resistance: UL94-V0
  • Available in 50 A et 100 A
  • Precision +/- 2%
  • About 70 cm of cable
  • Version 100 A: cable 16 mm
  • Version 50 A: cable 10 mm


  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to + 70°C
  • Replaceable battery
  • Dimensions: 105 x 50 x 27 mm
  • Casing: IP67 (IP68 on request)
  • Zone: Sigfox: RC1 / LoRaWAN: EU863-870


  • Available


  • ARF8190BA-B01: Package Current sensor 50A LoRaWAN
  • ARF8191BA-B01: Package Current sensor 50A Sigfox
  • ARF8190BA-B02: Package Current sensor 100A LoRaWAN
  • ARF8191BA-B02: Package Current sensor 100A Sigfox

Product uses

Monitor to prevent in case malfunction
Prevention in case of machine stoppages

Control the production of energy
Track and analyze a consumption

Case studies
  • Follow the operation of machines

    Thanks to this adeunis® package, you can monitor the operation of equipment, such as production lines or servers, in order to anticipate malfunctions or to know the time of use of a device.
  • Monitor power consumption

    This package allows you to monitor the power threshold and avoid over-consumption depending on the power contracted.
  • Smart Industry ; Smart City ; Smart City ; Panneaux Solaires ; Réduction de consommation ; IoT ; Solution 2.0 ; Industrie 4.0 ; Internet of Things


    The solutions allow you to measure a current intensity and thus analyze the proper functioning of your installations. >>>