Guarantee their effective operation

Ensure the safety of the premises and monitor the equipment, so that maintenance teams can intervene as a preventive measure and not as a curative measure.



A telecom operator must monitor buildings with GSM 3 and 4G antennas (BTS – base stations).

  • Check the operation of the air conditioning units. A failure of these systems during severe heat would lead to the shutdown of GSM systems and the loss of the Telecom network for subscribers,
  • Monitor the energy consumption of telecom equipment,
  • Detect any breakdowns in real time,
  • Ensure their proper functioning without the need for regular visits from technicians,
  • Control access to these areas.


Maintaining an optimal operating temperature range

  • Maintain infrastructure equipment within a constant temperature range

  • Detect a ventilation problem in the area

  • Monitor ventilation systems
  • Process temperature data and issue alerts if the temperature goes over the specified threshold
  • Plan and control of maintenance operations
  • Optimal working conditions
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Customer satisfaction

Detect equipment defects and intrusion alarms

  • Detect equipment default and minimize the impact of possible failures
  • Avoid accidents due to unauthorized presence

• Optimization of intervention and recovery time in case of failure
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Limitation of the risks of theft or sabotage

Consumption monitoring and phase balancing

  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Optimize on-site interventions
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Improve both network and equipment availability rate
  • Anticipation of machine replacement in case of overuse

Device Management

The Telecom equipment manufacturer, based on an IoT solution and therefore sensors, must ensure that they work properly and must be able to act remotely on the sensors, in order to ensure the continuity of service of its offer and its supervision.

To do this, it uses the KARE platform.


KARE allows Telecom company teams to remotely control the proper functioning of the sensors and configure products, in order to modify their operating criteria (example: alert trigger threshold).


Real-time monitoring and preventive troubleshooting

rédution des coûts

Reduced operating costs: travel to the right place at the right time


Strengthened commitment of the company to its customers


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