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Monitoring of mobile heating energy consumption on construction sites in Austria



energy4rent is one of the market leaders in the rental of mobile heating systems in Austria

Market: Autria

Business line: energie mobile

Type of building concerned: any type

Objective: consumption monitoring of mobile heating equipment

capteur iot adeunis : dry contacts sur chauffage mobile d'energy4rent


energy4rent wishes to transparently and efficiently record the energy consumption of its mobile heating systems employed by one of its key customers, a leading European construction company.

As a first step, energy4rent implemented the IoT solution without disrupting work at the customers construction project in the Austrian district of St. Johann im Pongau.

The local partner and integrator of the IoT project is Austrian company Kelmin.


Using the Switzercloud as an IoT toolkit, electric air heaters were retrofitted by Kelmin using Adeunis IoT devices: LoRaWAN  Dry Contacts, which recognize each start and stop of the electric heaters.

Each event status is immediately sent via LoRaWAN®to the Switzercloud platform where the data is processed and saved.

This means that, at any moment, energy4rent knows which heater has been in use and its running duration, so it can transparently see the energy consumption for the corresponding operating time. 

Additionally, the temperature and humidity of heated rooms on the construction site are monitored with other IoT devices.



In conjunction with the heating times, the climate values provide important insights to all parties involved: rooms too cold / room moisture too high, or even potential issues with the heaters.

A total of around 40 IoT devices are in use on 7 floors. Using these IoT devices means costly and inconvenient cabling is unnecessary. All the heaters can be redeployed simply and quickly to another room or even to another construction site.

Naturally, the customer as well as energy4rent, has access to the clearly displayed data on the Switzercloud. Available from anywhere, anytime!

"With Switzercloud IoT devices, exact usage data from each unit is captured and sent to our database. Meaning we are able to offer our customer an optimised and efficient energy system to rent. For energy4rent, the real benefit of the chosen solution is its Plug and Play smart functionality without the need for any complex installation of decentralized electricity meters."


Monitoring energy expenditure

Ensure the maintenance of the facilities


Reduce operating costs


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