Adeunis innovates with its partner Intent Technologies by developing a unique data decoding solution.



As part of a project carried out with integrator Dryas, 300 Adeunis sensors have been deployed to monitor the activity of collective housing units belonging to social landlord Toulouse Métropole Habitat. 

These sensors are connected to an Intent Technologies digital platform to measure in real time the performance of the installations, their consumption, their operating status and to determine the uses and needs within the building. 

It is essential that the data collected can be transmitted and then decoded in order to be read and analyzed in real time by business software. The decoding of data between sensors and software solutions is therefore a fundamental yet often complicated step. 


A new obstacle removed to the rapid integration of IoT in buildings.

Adeunis has taken charge of this issue within its KARE platform, a Device Management solution, by developing a new data decoding service that integrates the specificities of the final platforms, in this case that of Intent Technologies to set up communication flows from its sensors. 

By integrating Adeunis' KARE platform with the IntentReady ecosystem, we enable our customers to easily access these use cases by connecting a wide range of sensors to IntentPlatform. In this way, the landlord can focus with its service providers on improving the operation and use of its assets by taking advantage of the benefits brought by smart buildings without having to worry about the technical issues involved in integrating these technologies. "

KARE adds a new service

Developed several years ago, the KARE platform is a Device Management service that ensures that Adeunis sensors are maintained in operational condition throughout their lifetime by providing a set of indicators and tools (e.g. remaining autonomy, network quality, remote reconfiguration, etc.).

Available to all platform users, data decoding enhances KARE by providing comprehensive asset data management.

Adeunis is part of the IntentReady partner ecosystem, with the objective of offering the most complete and efficient data exploitation solution to property managers, owners and operators.


This architecture secures the decoding and transmission of business data to user service platforms and ensures the management of the connected object fleet via a dedicated solution (radio quality monitoring, calculated autonomy, device replacement, etc.). This new connector also avoids questions about the correct decoding of frames depending on models, versions, settings, etc. It's a turnkey solution that meets users' needs."


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