Building maintenance: keep your facilities in working order and optimise their use

thanks to our IoT solutions
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Monitor and analyse the correct operation of ventilation systems

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Monitor equipment status changes and act remotely


Monitor and control the temperature of technical equipment

Why manage your building and its maintenance?

The IoT makes it possible to remotely collect operating data for technical building equipment. There’s no need to go anywhere, as the information is collected automatically and regularly. An alert system also means that you can be informed and take action as soon as a malfunction appears.

The IoT plays a key role in optimising the maintenance of technical equipment in a building, offering real-time monitoring of technical equipment, preventive analysis of correct operation, and optimisation of the resources allocated to maintenance monitoring.

The implementation of IoT systems offers a number of benefits to maintenance teams, including: anticipating maintenance operations, increasing responsiveness in the event of breakdowns and reducing unplanned downtime, guaranteeing the reliability of an installation, extending its lifespan, improving the service provided and reducing associated costs.

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Operating and maintenance costs account for around 75% of the total cost of a building over its lifetime.

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Anticipate maintenance operations

maintenance technique du bâtiment, smart building, bâtiment intelligent, iot

Improve responsiveness in the event of a breakdown


Guaranteeing user satisfaction

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operating costs

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Check and analyse the correct operation ventilation systems

The ventilation system is essential in a building: it renews the air and protects the structure from damage caused by damp and mould.

IoT devices are used to monitor ventilation units and anticipate any malfunctions.

In this way, professionals in the sector can :

  • detect a drop in the pressure delta between the inside of the casing and atmospheric pressure,
  • anticipate engine failure,
  • identify recurring malfunctions.

On the curative side, an alert can be issued when a:

  • the motor stops working,
  • a clogged filter,
  • a belt malfunction occurs,
  • a pressure switch is faulty.
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Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce consumption

Guarantee the smooth operation of equipment

Improve responsiveness

Monitor and control the temperature of technical equipment

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  • Reduce health risks
  • Save energy and water 
  • Improve the lifespan of installations
  • Optimise the organisation of maintenance
  • Meet legal obligations
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Balancing the domestic hot water (DHW) network

With their temperature sensors, IoT sensors measure and record the temperature at various points in a DHW network.
The data collected is used to hydraulically balance the network.


Controlling the non-proliferation of legionella bacteria

Thanks to IoT solutions, it is possible to check that the water temperature in DHW networks is maintained at at least
DHW networks at at least 55°C, between the point of distribution and the point of use.
An alert is also sent out if the threshold is exceeded, enabling rapid action to be taken to prevent the spread of the bacteria.

Check the change of state of a piece of equipment


  • Dematerialise maintenance monitoring operations

  • Ensurethat equipment operates correctly

  • Ensure equipment continuity of service


With IoT solutions, it is possible to detect any change in the condition of a piece of equipment and act accordingly.

Depending on requirements, the solutions used can:

  • detect a fault
  • be alerted to changes (changes of state, triggering of an action, etc.),
  • monitor a state and its duration,
  • track changes in status over time,
  • measure equipment usage time,
  • control equipment remotely.
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Application examples:

Outlet opening

Malfunction of telecom equipment

Shutdown of lifts, escalators and automatic doors

Detecting the presence of water

Act remotely on a piece of equipment or a setpoint

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Examples of use:

  • Turning lighting on or off
  • Controlling a valve
  • Opening or closing a network


  • Reduce travel
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Optimise maintenance costs

Some IoT sensors can be used to act remotely on a piece of equipment to activate or deactivate a setpoint.
It is thus possible to act in real time following the triggering of an event.

The IoT solution also enables the user to be informed that the setpoint has been correctly taken into account.
The setpoint can be activated for a set time or until a new set action is triggered.

Our solutions smart building for all your uses

Find real-life examples of connected buildings, solutions and advice on how to improve the maintenance of your connected buildings.

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Use IoT sensors to retrieve essential building operating data



Use the data collected to :

  • take stock of the situation
  • monitor developments
  • identify anomalies in real time
  • draw up an action plan


  • energy consumption
  • environmental factors
  • air quality
  • maintenance of technical equipment

Achieve your goals

  • improve energy performance
  • reduce costs
  • improve comfort
  • add value to the building
  • meet regulatory requirements

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