Smart mountain


Connecting the mountain with IoT technologies and optimising the operation of ski resorts.



Provider of integrated solutions for the deployment of Connected Object networks dedicated to the mountains.

Market: Europe

Business line: telecommunications

Type of building concerned: mountain equipment



And what if the mountain also became “smarter” thanks to IoT technologies?

Although mountain resorts have been developing their digital aspect for several years now, IoT is still in its infancy and has a lot to offer them.

Indeed, the mountain and the building are full of equipment that can be connected thanks to IoT to optimise their operations, improve the organisation of related services or increase the reactivity of the technical teams…


The resort of La Clusaz in the Alps, is one of the resorts that have understood the interest of the IoT for its teams and equipment. In this sense, it has just signed an agreement with the API-K company, aiming to implement a LoRaWAN network on its ski area.

The signing of this agreement follows various field tests carried out since last spring, with the IoT sensors of adeunis deployed in different situations and connected to the LoRaWAN network implemented by API-K.


How to evacuate a gondola lift line as quickly as possible?

Management of presence in the cabins to optimise emergency response plans.

When a gondola line breaks down, it is very complicated to know which gondolas are occupied or not. All the more so in case of bad weather with reduced visibility. And yet it is essential for rescue teams to quickly identify which cabins are occupied. With adeunis’ IoT Motion presence detection sensor, which is located in the passenger compartment, rescue teams can immediately target the cabs where they can intervene.

How can I intervene more quickly on a circuit breaker?

Monitoring the operation of the ski lifts.

When a circuit breaker fails on a ski lift, the whole line is blocked. It is then necessary to identify the faulty circuit breaker as quickly as possible in order to restart the ski lift as soon as possible. With the adeunis IoT Dry Contacts sensor this is done. The interventions of the technical teams are then facilitated and precious time is saved.


How can we ensure that refrigeration systems work properly?

Monitoring of refrigeration systems in mountain restaurants during the off-season.

During the off-season the mountain restaurants close their doors for several weeks. During this period these isolated and often difficult to access restaurants are not operated and the surveillance of the equipment present is difficult to carry out.

Refrigeration systems continue to operate and must be able to withstand a fixed temperature for the proper preservation of the food. The temperature level and its monitoring are regulated by law. In order to ensure the proper preservation of food by maintaining the right temperature, two IoT systems have been tested in La Clusaz in mountain restaurants.


Temperature monitoring of refrigeration plants is carried out with adeunis IoT sensor: TEMP. The temperature is raised regularly and alerts are issued if the temperature threshold is exceeded.

Reminder of the regulations: the recommended temperatures are +3°C for positive storage (e.g. fruit) and -18°C for negative storage (e.g. frozen food). These temperatures must be maintained whatever the volume stored.

The use of adeunis IoT sensor: Current Sensor allows the detection in near real time of a power failure that could affect the operation of these installations. The alert emitted thus enables rapid intervention to regularise the situation.



Increased reactivity


Guaranteed safety and skier satisfaction


Reduced maintenance costs


Comply with health obligations


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